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Nov 07 2018

November 2018 News from Kruse

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For the final report of 2018 on Kruse House, Keith Letsche, one of the Kruse House Crew, gives us this poetical reflection, written last year, on the end of the gardening season:


Cold Snap, November 8, 2017

From high atop their trellises,

the Black-eyed Susan vines have seen

the cold rays of a morning sun that

can no longer climb above the roof top,

and bow their heads in unconditional surrender to

the message of the night.

A lone woodpecker

taps out a knell on the silver maple

in a frantic quest for the lost creatures of summer.

Amid the carpeting leaves

from the weeping trees

only the silly Purple Tower,

feeling invincible in its cast-iron urn,

spreads its thick insensate leaves

in a still joyous expression of immortality.


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Oct 17 2018

October 18 News from Kruse

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By Tom Fessler

October again, and all the plants we have babied all Summer long, will soon be dead. I really kind of hate to see this happen but I know that most, if not all, will return next year.

The Kruse House has had a major clean up this Summer, which may not be as noticeable at first look. The area on the East side of the property, along the fence by the shopping center, has been totally cleaned up. All the debris has been removed, the bushes have been trimmed, and mulch has been placed on the ground to keep the weeds down. This was a big project, along with all the other things that go on here. Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in with their help. This area now looks just great.

I don’t want you to think that I do not like October, because I do. Halloween is my second favorite holiday, (Christmas being the first). I have always liked Halloween since I was a kid. In the 50’s Halloween was quite different than it is today. We were allowed to Trick-or-Treat alone. No parents, no big brothers, just me and my friends. We accepted candy from anybody who would give it to us, and a lot of our loot was unwrapped. This is not to mention apples, popcorn balls, or popcorn.

But I have to say that the one thing I really didn’t like were Brach’s Mellowcream Pumpkins. It was the worst Halloween candy of all time. It is everything people hate about candy corn just more of it. The Mellowcream Pumpkin is not a pumpkin at all, it is just the evolution of candy corn, which was invented in the 1880’s. The Mellowcream Pumpkin was originally called “Buttercream Pumpkins” despite a lack of butter or cream in them. Bite into one of these little pumpkins and you will notice a shell is holding its insides in place: sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, sesame oil, (so the packaging says) real honey. The ingredients also include something called “shellac” to give these little pumpkins a nice shine. All things considered the only useful thing I have found for this candy, after all my years dealing with them, is to throw them. I was hit in the cheek with one of these things and I can tell you it hurt. We used to have pumpkin fights with this candy. If anyone doesn’t believe me about these “Mellowcreams”, just buy yourself a bag and enjoy.

Another candy to stay away from this Halloween is Circus Peanuts. I ate a whole bag of these things once and have never been so sick in my life. Anyway have a great Fall and an even greater Halloween.


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