Mar 08 2017

February 2017 News from Kruse

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From a distance the Kruse House Garden looks rather bleak.  If you walk about and look closely you will still see a bit of color and interesting textures.

All the leaves have fallen from the trilobum viburnum, but brillant red berries remain. A new infestation, the Viburnum  Leaf Beetle (VLB) has hit our area.  Might those little bugs show up at the Kruse Garden?  Cornell University has a top of the line search engine. Go to,  type in viburnum and you will see the link to the VLB and also a terrific article ”Which viburnum is it?” There are more than 150 varieties of viburnum world wide.

The Northern White Cedar has pretty varigated green foliage and clusters of cones.  Seeds are dispersed from the tiny cones in September.  These trees are typical of limestone soils.

We cut back all of the Annabelle hydrangeas in the fall. The Snow Storm hydrangea was left standing and some of its flowers weathered the snow and wind. Although the color has faded it’s still lovely.  -Kerry

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