Apr 21 2012

A garden…and a Garden Club Resurrected

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It was 1998 when West Chicago Historical Society concluded that the Kruse House Museum needed help to restore and maintain the gardens of this Main Street treasure.  Since the Kruse family was avid gardeners back in the day, it seemed that the house wasn’t complete without the garden.  The Museum gardens had lain dormant many years.  Coincidently West Chicago’s once active Garden club had also been lying dormant since the 1970’s.  A couple of insightful historical society members saw the match and the rest, as they say, is history.

West Chicago Garden Club has faithfully restored and maintained the gardens at the Kruse house Museum these past 12 years. There have been many champions of the cause, all leaving their indelible mark in the gardens. Most of the thriving perennial gardens are made up of pass along plants from club members.  The club raises money for maintenance and ornamental features.  Each week a team works in the gardens and larger numbers turn out for special work days.  The project has many rewards.  Visitors are delighted as they stroll the expansive gardens and participate in specially planned garden events.

Our Garden Club was resurrected with Kruse Garden as its mission. We have added many other projects over the years but we will likely continue our service in the Kruse Garden for years to come.

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