Jan 17 2018

January 2018 News from Kruse

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The two faces of January – One to look forward and one to look back.

Back: the Kruse House Gardeners estimate they collectively spent between 450 – 500 hours in the garden last year. Angie, Tom, Kerry, and Billie worked pretty much every Wednesday morning and Keith and Jan Grismore were there about half the time. Barbara Darrah is considering throwing her hat into the garden. We hope to see her regularly next year as well.

We maintained and beautified. Nothing exceptional, but the garden looked good all year. The GC held our June meeting in the garden, Gallery 200 sponsored an “art in the garden” event, and the Historical Society held their Ice Cream Social in the garden. The Saturday Kruse House Museum visitors enjoyed the garden and the neighbors, especially the condo dwellers, found pleasure in the garden as well.  The garden is a
casual sanctuary for an untold number of guests. The birds and the pollinators left notes thanking us for providing home and food for them as well.

Forward: April will be right along and we will again clean up the garden and meet the new year with enthusiasm. The “to do” list includes trimming shrubs and removing some of the mountain of yard waste that has accumulated along the east fence. That’s just for starters. Our planning is fluid so we’ll report progress as it develops.

— Billie Childress

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