Jan 08 2020

January 2020 News from Kruse

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By Kerry Perry

Although it’s the dead of winter, spring planting catalogs started arriving in the mail Jan 2nd. The nurseries and big box stores have already put out starter pots, soil, gardening tools, etc. What an inspiration to think spring!

Since 1998 the Kruse House Garden has been our Club’s community service project. The garden was resurrected, restored and has been tended by many hard-working and dedicated club members. Last year’s garden was spectacular and had an increased number of visitors.

The Kruse Crew game plan for 2020: Add more dirt and mulch to the beds. Replace Smoke Bushes that succumbed to some sort of rot. Thin the lilac bushes to promote new growth, yet retain branches to bloom this year. Add colorful perennials – Japanese Forest Grass, Aralia Cordata and Hibiscus.

The Crew meets regularly Wednesday mornings, weather permitting, May through October. But volunteer anytime that fits your schedule. Stroll through the garden and pull a few weeds or pick up litter that may have blown in. Dead head spent blooms and toss them on the compost pile.

Every little bit helps.

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