Jul 18 2018

July 18 News from Kruse

Posted at 12:30 pm under Kruse House

By Billie Childress

Wind: Sizable limbs down at the Kruse Garden. The big oak near the east front of the Kruse House lost a BIG branch June 30. It broke clean off the tree and was found on the ground. It took the tops of two pagoda dogwoods out, but fortunately no injury or major damage. Wind was a factor but the tree also appears unhealthy. Soft wood and fungus at the break spot indicate a questionable future for that tree.

The second incident, about a week later, draped a large limb over the back garden. This limb remained connected by a thread, making it challenging to deal with. If we pulled the end of the branch that was sitting on the garden it was likely to crash down on our bird house trellis structure.

In both cases Mike Pineda, Wheaton Tree Service, (Mike is also a new GC member) kindly took care of the limbs. Thanks Mike!

Weeds: Too many! The generous Spring rains germinated tons of weeds and while weeding, rates pretty high on my list of garden tasks, it’s been a bit overwhelming! And missing a workday because July 4th fell on a Wednesday didn’t help either. However, we’ve gone after those weeds with a passion and are quite pleased with our progress. Don’t hesitate to stop by and pull some weeds anytime. We saved a few just for you!

Hot and Dry: “It’s July.” you say, “What do you expect?” I expect mild temperatures, low humidity, and frequent gentle rain. Oh that’s right. That was that other state (Utopia). Well it’s been tough on the plants this month and no end in sight! The recently transplanted Ninebark shrub is struggling. I’m not happy with myself for not getting over there to water it.

Above and Beyond: That would describe Kerry Perry. She stops by the Kruse Garden more than any of us and waters, weeds, and fixes on her own! Thanks Kerry! You are a gem!

Bright Spot: The zinnias that Jeff Handel grew from seed are attention grabbing vibrant colors. Planted right behind the garage, they are a pleasing sight when you drive up. Thanks again Jeff!

Salutation: While July may not have provided the best working conditions in the garden, the pleasure of laboring toward a common cause with gardening friends …….priceless!

Kudos to the Kruse Gardeners!

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