Mar 12 2017

March 2017 News from Kruse

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The Historical Society is busy readying the Museum House for the 2017 touring season.  The featured display this year is Cookie Jars.  Do you have any old cookie jar that you would like to add to the display?  Contact Tom. He can get that arranged and the HS would appreciate it.  Can you imagine how much work it is to get all the precious doodads that the house contains dusted, and shelves and floors cleaned, and cobwebs swept each Spring?  Guess that embodies the term “spring cleaning”! The Kruse Museum House opens for tours in May…every Saturday 11 am to 3 pm.  Here is a bit of information from the Kruse House web site.  Note that the house is 100 years old this year!

“The Kruse House is a 1917 four-square home depicting the Fred Kruse family life style. Fred was a Collector for the Chicago and North Western Railroad. The house is furnished with period furnishings and collections including china, quilts, jewelry, toys, cut glass, and Chicago and North Western railroad history. You are invited to tour the period gardens which have been restored and are being maintained by the West Chicago Garden Club.”

Kruse House Gardens:

It’s Spring!  We better hurry!  And Scurry!  There’s so much to do!

Well, the Kruse House Gardeners are seasoned hands and it will take more than the beginning of a new year in the garden to rile us.  This isn’t our first rodeo and we know it will all get done in good time.  However, don’t interpret that to mean we don’t need every minute of help we can get.  Many hands = light(er) work.  And yes, we do have a sense of urgency about our Spring work.  It’s just that we’re getting too old to be too crazy!  Come work in the garden with us on Wednesday mornings officially starting in May.  It’s a fabulous way to get to know each other! 

We are looking forward to delightful garden displays like these from previous years.      -Billie 

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