Mar 15 2018

March 2018 News from Kruse

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This month’s article was written by Kerry Perry. To see the full article with photographs, please see the March 2018 Newsletter.

Take Note…..

The Kruse House Garden is mostly dormant now, but a few bits of green are poking through the debris. There’s not much to see, but ooohhh the sounds! Just stand and listen. Spring has arrived!!

Flocks of Sandhill cranes have been flying over, their voices are a shrill rolling, chortling sound.

Redwing black birds are already beginning to declare their territories by making their loud chek and a high slurred tee-err. Their song is liquid gurgling.

American robins are here, their song is a clear caroling, short phrases, rising and falling. Robins are always a welcome sign of spring, and
often closely tied to the appearance of the first earthworms. Earthworms appear at the surface as soon as the average temperatures
of the ground reaches about 36 degrees. At the same time, the hungry robins return from the south.

Soon our crew will be out doing the annual cleanup at the Kruse House. We encourage all to join in and enjoy the camaraderie. And once things start blooming, be proud of our efforts. 


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