Oct 17 2019

October 24 Meeting

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Let It Rot & Putting the Garden to Bed presented by Bill Kargas

This is one meeting that no one should miss! Instead of one presentation on one topic, we will have two separate presentations on two different topics! Bill Kargas, famous speaker and presenter from Villa Park will give us a presentation on Practical Composting called “LET IT ROT”. This program addresses all aspects of composting, emphasizing the easiest ways to convert yard waste into a rich soil amendment.

Bills second presentation will be “Putting the Garden to Bed” and everything you need to know how to prepare your perennial garden
for winter: what to cut, when to mulch and fertilize, and how to prevent this year’s problems from returning next year. Bill has been working in the gardening arena most of his life and currently is employed at
Pioneer Gardening and Feed in Villa Park. Bill is a hands on presenter and will bring samples of things that he will address in his talk.

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