Apr 17 2019

April 2019 News from Kruse

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By Tom Fessler

Well it’s Spring Time in Illinois again, yesterday was in the mid 70’s and today there is a trace of snow or sleet in the air. Things at the Kruse House are getting off to a great start, with the annual Spring clean-up. I stopped at the house on clean up day, the crew were at lunch but I could see the work they were doing. It is amazing how much debris piles up here during the Winter months. And not just leaves and sticks. There is a lot of paper, cans, bottles, plastic and for whatever reason a lot of apparently loosing lottery tickets. It seems like people from miles around come to the Kruse just to throw their old lottery tickets away.

I think this was a bad Winter for the trees in this area. As I walked around my own house as well as the Kruse House I saw large amounts of small and medium size sticks and branches. In my yard alone I picked up almost a yard bag and a half of them.

The next time you drive by the Kruse House you will notice it has a different look. One of the large tree in the very front has been removed. I am not sure why it was removed. Now that the tree is gone, along with the shade it provided, the plants placed there may have to be moved as now they are in direct sunlight. It’s kind of amazing how we don’t pay attention to trees until they are gone.

If you get a chance to stop by the Kruse House you will notice that there are many plants already up and some are even blooming. So have a great Spring.

Photos taken at Kruse Garden by Kerry Perry

Mar 27 2019

March 28 Meeting

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Jumping Worms & Other Invasives

Our March speaker comes to us from the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener program.  Tricia Bethke not only gives talks for the Master Gardener Speaker’s Bureau, but gives presentations as a Morton Arboretum employee. She is a Forest Pest Outreach Coordinator at the Arboretum and co-authored the Management of Invasive Plants and Pests of Illinois guide.

According to the UofI Extension Invasive Species Alert: Jumping Worms:

Jumping worms, (Amynthas spp.) have recently been discovered in Illinois. This new invasive species was first identified in Illinois in 2015 in northern Illinois and in 2016 in southern Illinois. Jumping worms are earthworms native to East Asia. They also have been called crazy worms, Alabama jumpers, and snake worms.

Jumping worms are voracious consumers of organic material, which can affect soil quality. They breed quickly and eggs survive Illinois winters. Adults reach maturity in approximately 60 days, allowing populations to grow exponentially during the growing season. These worms are also capable of reproducing without mating.

Join us on March 28th at St. Andrews Lutheran Church — Northeast corner of Geneva Rd and Prince Crossing

Meeting Time:

         6:45PM Refreshments

         7:00PM Business Meeting

         7:15PM Program

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