May 20 2018

Succulent Planter Workshop at Kruse House

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Have you noticed every plant store is carrying succulent gardens?

We will supply everything (plants, stones, shells, wood chips and soil) except your planter/container and any special items like fairies or little statues.

Since we need to make sure we have enough plants, stones, shells, rocks, dirt etc….we ask that everyone RSVP…so far we have 28 members that signed up.  If you are attending and did not RSVP yet, please email Barb Melville or call 630-293-4776 and leave a message.

Please bring your own lawn chair (if you have one).  If the weather does not permit us to be outside we will have this meeting at our usual location Faith Community Church, 910 Main Street.

Example of a Succulent planter

Our own garden club member, Marcie, has graciously agreed to facilitate this class.  Marcie has years of experience working with plants and gardens and has been conducting classes and training in this field.

Marcie’s Tips For A Succulent Garden:

  • The container should be at least 2″ deep
  • The container should be large enough for 3 small plants, stones, shells, or other decorative items
  • If the container is to be outside it should have adequate drainage holes
  • MAKE IT YOUR OWN! you can find miniature statues, angels, fairies in just about all plant stores

The West Chicago High School Orchestra will provide our club with a group of string musicians for our enjoyment

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