Aug 15 2016

August 2016 News from Kruse

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What’s new in the Kruse Garden

billie201608Wheelbarrow: We have a new bright yellow, ergonomic handled wheelbarrow!  It barely gets through the door of the shed but it works fantastic.  It’s the one garden tool we use every time the whole time we work there.  So, it has a big impact on all of us.  I’m not one to jump up and offer to dump a full wheelbarrow but it’s a lot easier with this one.  For one thing, the tire isn’t flat all the time!  May the old gray one RIP. You served us well many years old gray!

beehouse201608Mason bee house: Sandy Nicholson brought us an interesting gift.  Have you ever seen a Mason Bee House?  Well most of us hadn’t even heard of a Mason Bee.  It is one of our native “cavity nesting” bees (as opposed to native “ground nesting” bees).  They nest in long tubes preparing the first nest at the back of the tube.  They collect pollen and store it in the nest, then lay an egg and close off the space with mud.  The bee repeats this process until the tube is full and then starts on another tube.  Pretty cool huh?

Angie: Well, Angie isn’t really new to the garden but she fractured her femur (now pinned), and it was a big deal to have her back in the garden with us.  She wasn’t gone long but we sure missed her!

Drought and heat: Minimal rain and intense heat have taken their toll in August!  We want the garden to look nice for the Ice Cream Social, September 10, but it’s been a challenge to keep the plants going with hand watering and sprinklers. keithangie201608 The Museum’s special displaying the house this year is “99 Bottles…”.  Featuring bottles of all types including perfume, liquor, soft drinks, decorative and many miscellaneous. If you haven’t toured the house yet this year it would be a great idea to stop by the IC social (great home-baked pie and cakes of all kinds plus the Ice Cream) eat, tour the house and garden, and be happy.

Keith Letsche and Sandy Nicholson: Keith and Sandy have established themselves as “regulars” on our Wednesday work days! Ho boy, are we glad to have them!  They are such good gardeners!

Aug 04 2016

Straw Bale Tomato Gardening

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I tried something new this year, I raised my tomatoes in straw bales and have a great harvest. Straw bales offer several advantages over planting directly in the soil including keeping the soil bound pathogens away from the plants and eliminating weeding. It’s always fun to experiment and try something new in gardening, especially when it works.

I kept a record of the process that you can see in a PDF file by clicking here.


Straw bale tomato gardening.

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