Sep 13 2016

September 2016 News from Kruse

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News from Kruse

As the seasons are changing and the days are getting shorter, there’s a lot happening in the Kruse Garden.  There’s still an abundance of beauty and color.         

Sweet Peas: A Victorian flower dictionary defines sweet peas (Lathyrus odorafuscvs) as delicate pleasures.  Both white and pink sweet peas are growing on the west side of the Kruse House.  Some of the vines are going up the wooden trellis, but more of the vines creep out to the beds in the driveway.   A mass of pure white sweet peas grows on the east side of the garden. Continue Reading »

Sep 10 2016

2016 Trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens

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We went on a Field Trip to The Chicago Botanical Gardens and had a great time. It was a moist morning, but after our box lunch in The Pullman Room the sun came out and it was just glorious.

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