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Jan 15 2019

January 2019 News from Kruse

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The gardeners gathered at Kerry’s house for a nice lunch in December. We had been missing each other since we closed down the garden in October.  Besides enjoying catching up with each other we had a meeting of the minds and put together a “to do” list for the Kruse Garden. And here it is!

  • Cleanup fallen limbs in back garden.
  • Replace log-and-plank benches on N.W. side of property.
  • Plant three shrubs to place on the east side.
  • Saturday Club clean-up work group in the spring.
  • Add rock border around front east bed.
  • Two replacement trellises for those in back.
  • Refurbish and place Barb Bizzarri’s bench.
  • Promote Butterfly 🦋 Project. (See January Newsletter)
  • Recruit additional Kruse House Crew members.
  • Continue News from Kruse.

We need to replace 2 trellises that bit the dust last year.  They each need to be substantial and good size since they both support vigorous clematis.  Does anyone have one they could donate?  Let Billie know if you do.

Also, if you have and rocks or bricks we really need them if you’re willing to donate.  We have numerous places to use them!  Again, let Billie know.  She’d probably come and pick them up.


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Nov 07 2018

November 2018 News from Kruse

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For the final report of 2018 on Kruse House, Keith Letsche, one of the Kruse House Crew, gives us this poetical reflection, written last year, on the end of the gardening season:


Cold Snap, November 8, 2017

From high atop their trellises,

the Black-eyed Susan vines have seen

the cold rays of a morning sun that

can no longer climb above the roof top,

and bow their heads in unconditional surrender to

the message of the night.

A lone woodpecker

taps out a knell on the silver maple

in a frantic quest for the lost creatures of summer.

Amid the carpeting leaves

from the weeping trees

only the silly Purple Tower,

feeling invincible in its cast-iron urn,

spreads its thick insensate leaves

in a still joyous expression of immortality.


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